Things needed before getting into Houseboat

Make your trip memorable with the tips and things to carry before embarking on a houseboat trip

1. Before getting into houseboat ask the operation whether they have 'Green Palm Certificate', which is mandatory.
2. Bring your personal items such as bed sheets, pillows, bath towels and blankets, hand towels, bath mat, air fresheners, bath soap or sleeping bags, shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste.
3. You are allowed to bring your pets with you if you wish. In that case, bring their food and other necessities along wit you.
4. In the summer season, it would be advisable to bring sun screens, lotions, caps, protective eye wears, bug sprays etc for the safety of your eyes and skin.
5. If you love fishing, you can bring your own fishing gear and other stuff which can be played in the water.
6. Bring clothes which dry easily and are 'water-friendly' such as trousers and loose T-shirts. Bring a waterproof pack for your wallet such as a zip lock bag. Also bring shoes which can be worn inside the water. Closed-toed ones are preferable than sandals.
7. You can bring other items which increase the fun such as music systems, books, puzzles, board games, cards, magazines, walkmans etc. Reading a good book in the peace of the countryside can be one of the best things for relaxation.
8. The kitchens in the houseboats are equipped with a refrigerator and freezer but still you can bring along an ice chiller chest if you wish to store extra cold foods.
9. Other things that you should bring if necessary are flashlight, first aid kit, medications, insect repellents, earplugs (if you avoid the noise of the water while sleeping), binoculars, sunglasses, slippers and warm socks (in winter season). Even in the summer season, the evenings can get cool, so bring warm clothing along with you.
10. Bring your mobile phone as there are no other telephone services inside the houseboats. Cellular coverage is often available but depending upon the location of the boat and whether there is a network tower nearby. You can also bring your laptop as the harbours provide Wi-Fi free internet access in many parts of the lake.
11. Don't forget to bring your camera as the scenic beauty has to be captured to relive the unforgettable moments lifelong.
12. Before embarking on the trip, ensure that you and your children have suitable life jackets.