Kathakali is the most famous classical dance-drama in Kerala. There are numerous place in kerala that arranges Kathakali for the tourists or visitors. Kathakali performances traditionally begin just after sunset and continue all through the night.

In Kathakali, the actor does not speak, but expresses himself through complicated 'mudras' and steps, closely ollowing the text, which is being sung from the background. It is an exciting art form demanding not only complete control of practically every limb, but also intense emotional sensitivity. It had its origin in the courts of the Kings and is considered a ynthetic art form combining in itself the rudiments of its earlier forms like 'Krshnanattam' and 'Ramanattam' with a highly scientific dance drama form. The language of the songs used for Kathakali is Manipravalam. In Kathakali, the vocabulary for the performer is only 'hasta mudras' stylised hand gestures, facial gestures and nritta. Kathakali performance transports a spectator to an spiritual atmosphere.