Aanayoottu At Vadakkumnathan Temple

The Aanayoottu is held on the first day of month of Karkidakam and which coincides with the month of July. It's traditional belief to satisfy God Ganesha, the god of wealth and of the fulfillment of wishes.

Aanayoottu involves a number of unadorned elephants elephants are brought inside the premises of the Vadakkumnathan Temple being positioned amid a multitude of people for being worshipped and fed. The feeding session begins with an offering by the chief priest of the temple. The special feed of the elephants basically contain rice, sugarcane, jaggery, ghee, pineapples, and other local produce.

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Vadakkumnathan Temple

Vadakkumnathan Temple, one of the most ancient temples in the city of Thrissur in Kerala. It's a wonderful Kerala style old architecture.

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